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Trinity Bockus
Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Hello! I am a dedicated therapist who values the uniqueness of each client I work with. I consider it a great privilege to help my clients work through the challenges in their lives and support them in their growth...and it’s never too late for growth! Most of us have wounds from our childhood or from other relationships or events in our lives that have caused us to develop unhealthy ways of coping with our pain. These can show up in symptoms like depression, anger, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, addictions, and other compulsive behaviors. I use an integrative approach bringing both my clinical training and seminary training into the therapy session. I also work with many who do not wish to integrate their personal faith into their therapy, so I will respect whatever my clients need from me. I think you will find I provide an accepting, safe, and encouraging environment. I enjoy working with singles, married couples, unmarried couples and families.

I specialize in the following areas: Identity issues and self esteem, Relationship problems (marital, siblings, families, co-workers), Spiritual formation, Depression and Anxiety, Asperger’s and other Autism spectrum disorders, Personality Disorders, Anger Management, Trauma and Phobias, Co-dependency, EMDR, Group counseling: small groups of 6-8 persons.

I am fully trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a very effective method for healing traumas of any kind. I also use it with correcting negative beliefs about ourselves that hold us back in our relationships and from living our our full potential.

I love helping those with marital issues and those thinking about getting married. I am a certified instructor for PREPARE/ENRICH which is a program used for premarital counseling, marriage counseling and marriage enrichment. The program includes a comprehensive online couple assessment along with feedback using skills-building exercises. I am also trained in the Gottman method for marital counseling and improving relationship and communication skills which has been extremely successful.

I am a certified instructor in Anger Management using the Century Anger Management Model. It is a court-approved course for anyone interested in improving their interpersonal relationships, and for employer-referred, or court mandated individuals. I teach small group classes and individual sessions.


At this time, I'm unable to accept new patients at my Sacramento practice.

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