Tanya Grubaugh: Nurturing Relationships & Hearts

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Tanya Grubaugh

Licensed Clinical
Social Worker

My Story

For many years now, I've been on a journey of emotional healing. Along the way I've learned some things about the impact of trauma and how critical our early relationships are to our soul. I've learned a few things about thawing in order to feel both pain and joy. I've worked through automatic trauma
responses — having more to do with me internally than anything externally. I've learned about the false-self, boundary-keeping, shame-resilience and self-care. I've learned something about what it takes to develop thriving relationships. I've experienced and witnessed in others the restorative power of empathy, nurture and compassion. It's required hard work and continues to require hard work, but it has been a transformational journey.

It's a journey I couldn't have walked alone. Others have come alongside me to listen, to care, to offer their empathy and their presence.

What I Offer

As a result, I have a passion for wholeness and feel honored to walk alongside those who have experienced trauma, those who want to grow and those who just feel stuck — whether it's from an abusive past or present, grieving a loss, the immobility of anxiety or depression, coping with life transitions such as retirement, recovering from co-dependency, or working through the heartache of a troubled relationship.

I work with men and women, young adults through older adults, and couples. I facilitate groups, am available to speak and can facilitate EMDR for trauma. I value spiritual growth and health and can include a spiritual focus when it's requested.

My Book

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“Crossings: Discipleship for the Brokenhearted,” describes my journey of healing as well as the experiences of others. Its main thrust is to help us engage with God around our pain — when suffering and love, put together, just don't make sense. In it you can read about how Jesus engaged with people in the middle of their guilt, shame, fear and loss. It provides space to process through journaling and can be used in groups or on an individual basis.


I am a Medicare provider. For other forms of insurance, I can give you a bill showing my fee which you can send to your insurance for reimbursement after paying me.


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