About Gold River Christian Counseling Associates

Gold River Christian Counseling Associates (GRCCA) formed in 2007 as an unincorporated association of licensed counselors, interns, and pastoral counselors from a wide range of denominational backgrounds. We find that many people who seek counseling prefer to see a therapist who can help them work through issues within the context of their faith. We are all Christian professionals who integrate our personal faith with our professional practice. Our clients represent the diversity of the community however, and care is taken to treat all people with respect for their beliefs. Together we offer a wide range of expertise in working with adults, children and teens.

Specific Issues

Most people come to therapy when some area of life is causing them pain or when they encounter a crisis. If you or someone you know is struggling with any of the following issues we are here to help:

Accessing Our Counseling Services

We encourage you to read the individual profile pages of all the therapists at
Gold River Christian Counseling Associates in order to determine which counselor(s) may best meet your needs. You may then contact those therapists directly for further information or to schedule an appointment. Fees for our services range from $90-$105 per session, and many of us are on insurance and EAP panels to facilitate third party billing. We are all trained to treat many mental health issues, but some of us specialize in certain areas or with specific age groups. Information about use of specific employee assistance programs and medical insurance is also included on our individual pages as this varies among counselors.

Our History

In 1993, Minirth-Meier Clinics, nationally known in Christian counseling, opened an outpatient office at our current Gold River location. In the years that followed there were several mergers and transitions where the clinic was known as Meier-Newlife Clinic, and eventually just Meier Clinics. At the end of 2006, Meier Clinics needed to downsize and made the difficult decision to close their California offices. Several of the therapists who worked for Meier Clinics and enjoyed working together at this location then decided to take over the Meier Clinic lease and operate as independent therapists. They invited other therapists to join them, several whom had worked for Meier Clinics in the past..